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Connie is a passionate musician who loves creating music with depth and emotion. She professionally contributes through a few mediums:

First as a performing and recording artist herself under the alias MILCK, which has been used on Netflix’s Marco Polo Season 2 Trailer, FOX TV’s Empire Season 3 Trailer, and E!’s The Royals.

In addition, she is brought onto other projects as a session vocalist, songwriter, and producer. Her strengths lie in crafting pop music that can be meaningful, melody driven, uplifting, raw, dark and epic.

Her love for the creation of song makes her known to be a vocalist and songwriter of a dynamic range of styles. In fact,’s “20 Asian American Musicians You Must Get Behind” states that Connie can sing “From a bedroom whisper to a stadium belt”.

While taking sweet breaks from creation, Connie chooses to spend her time exploring yoga, journaling, museums, hiking, painting, illustrating, and self-help books. As an introvert Connie likes to march to the beat of her own song, with plenty of alone time, sprinkled with high quality time amongst a beautiful circle of friends.

Connie is a music around the clock type of woman. While she has her own artist project called MILCK, she is also a full time session singer, songwriter, producer for many other projects, including Draper, Oh Travioso, Fontaine Ivory, Will Jay, Clara C, Mia Rashap, Scott Chops Chung, and more.








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